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Meet Varsana: Counselor, Yogini, Mom and Author

I’m Varsana Lali Devi Dasi, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor who aims to help you improve your health with the guidance of my upcoming book.  I have combined my life experiences, my education in Western and Ayurvedic counseling, and my experience working with others to find a way to make this natural and holistic science accessible to everyone.

My Background

From a young age, Varsana Lali Devi Dasi (born Lisa Ann Marchand) was a seeker. Growing up in a tumultuous environment, the child of a single mother who struggled with bi-polar disorder, she faced multiple traumas early in life. Seeking relief from suffering and an understanding of the world around her, as a teen she found and took shelter of The Vedas, the ancient texts of India. Through Bhakti Yoga she learned to find not only relief from suffering, but purpose, community, and the key to a meaningful life. 

In her late 30s after losing both of her parents to cancer, Varsana, facing minor health concerns of her own, turned her focus to Ayurveda. She studied the principles, applied them to her own life, and began counseling clients after receiving her Ayurvedic Health Counselor training at Hale Pule School of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her Ayurveda practice was founded in 2018.

Counseling Approach

Working as a counselor for some time, Varsana realized that in a world where alternative health care is mostly self-pay, helping others to incorporate Ayurveda and Yoga into their own lives in a meaningful way would be challenging at best. She incorporates her training, life experiences and practice in Ayurveda in The Ayurveda Experiment and offers it as a guide for anyone seeking holistic alternatives to health and well-being.

Let's Connect

Want to connect with Varsana? For inquiries regarding book signings, facilitator workshops, holistic events and more email info@theayurvedaexperiment.com. You can also join Varsana on social media. 

The Ayurveda Experiment