© Amelia Ingraham 2019
© Amelia Ingraham 2019


Founder of Ahimsa Ayurveda and Bhakti Center Ct, a Holistic collaborative in Willimantic, CT, Lisa spends her days living what she teaches while also coordinating events for cancer charities and environmental awareness.

She recently began writing the story of her life and plans to publish it within the year.

Lisa discovered Ayurveda while looking for a way to better integrate her roles of mother, wife, counselor, yoga practitioner & spiritual seeker. After losing both of her parents at a young age, she knew that the odds were stacked against her genetically and in her late 30s was already experiencing the effects of living a chaotic modern life.

Within a short time of finding Ayurveda, she knew that she had found the path that would allow her the best chance for living a long, healthy, spiritually fulfilling life.

Lisa is a graduate of the Hale Pule School of Yoga and Ayurveda’s 600-hr Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program and YTT 200-hr certified.

Lisa has a holistic view when it comes to teaching asana, and when you attend one of her classes be prepared to learn something new.  She incorporates her knowledge of Ayurveda and of Bhakti into her classes and aims to offer a practice that will be be balancing and accessible for all.