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Holistic Counseling

What is Holistic Counseling?

Holistic counseling is client-centered and looks at the person as a whole- body, mind and spirit.  Varsana will work with you to create individualized goals and using a variety of methods based in both western and eastern counseling methods, help you to achieve those goals.  

Ayurvedic Consultation

What does an Individual Consultation entail?

When you book an individual consultation with Varsana, you will receive a wellness questionnaire to fill out, detailing your current state of health, health history, and current health goals. After returning the questionnaire, Varsana will give a comprehensive analysis and prepare recommendations tailored to your goals. Then, during your 90 minute ZOOM call together, she will walk-through the questionnaire with you explaining (with an Ayurvedic perspective) where the imbalances lie, along with practical advice for you to get started towards achieving your health and wellness goals. Your recommendations are then shared with you, as well as suggestions for follow-up. Have questions? Email Varsana or schedule a free 15-minute phone session.

For In Person Clients:

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The Ayurveda Experiment

Holistic Health Consultation

Are you facing emotional, mental or physical challenges and need support? Varsana combines her background in social work and her training as a Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic health counselor to offer practical support in a safe and confidential setting. Varsana welcomes individuals, couples and families for Holistic Health Counseling, Appointments available in person and via…
The Ayurveda Experiment

Life Coaching

Varsana offers life coaching for those of all ages and facing all varieties of problems, from family issues, to financial struggles, to issues with finding one’s own identity and spirituality. Life coaching is available in person and via zoom.
The Ayurveda Experiment

Ayurvedic Consultation

Varsana earned her Ayurvedic Health Counseling certification from Hale Pule School of Yoga and Ayurveda and established her private practice, Ahimsa Ayurveda, in 2018. She offers Ayurvedic consultation and also wrote a book, The Ayurveda Experiment, that guides readers through a 12-week program to get started with Ayurveda.
The Ayurveda Experiment

Cultivating Sattva

Sattva is the Sanskrit word for “goodness.” There are many ways to cultivate sattva in ones life, through aromatherapy, through flowers, through a beautiful living space. When you request a sattva consultation with Varsana, you and she will discuss what it is that you wish to work on in your life, and make a plan…

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