The Ayurveda Experiment


Discover the Difference in The Ayurveda Experiment

Ayurveda addresses the root cause of disease by promoting healing from the inside out. By taking part in this holistic experiment, you embark on a journey that will lead you to levels of health and wellbeing that you’ve only ever dreamed of.

About the Book

The Ayurveda Experiment is a self-guided program that will teach you how to apply principles of Ayurveda into your life to achieve balance. Take charge of your health today by reserving your copy.

What Will You Be Able to Achieve?

Holistic in nature, Ayurveda is based on the belief that a person’s health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The experiment can help you gain:

Mental Clarity

Emotional Stability

Digestive Health

Relief from Pain

Weight Loss


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Hanna Brinkhaus, LCSW

Before beginning this program I knew little to nothing about these concepts. In the past I would thumb through books or read short articles explaining the ideas and left feeling confused and more importantly overwhelmed with the idea of where to begin making changes in my own life. This book was the gateway into understanding, implementing and fully embracing a new way of not only what I ate but understanding my mind and body responses to what, when and how I took in food…I have never felt more empowered or encouraged about my health and well-being as I do now after utilizing all this book has to offer.

Myra Lewin,

Founder, Hale Pule School of Yoga and Ayurveda

Through intimately sharing her personal experience, Varsana Lali Devi Dasi has provided down to earth practical steps for getting to know yourself through Ayurveda. Enjoy the experiment!

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